A Window Back Date

Some where in this grand houses history one of it's owners had updated the wood sash windows to aluminum sliders. Our client wanted the windows restored but on a budget. We decided to use single hung white vinyl windows with an upper grill that imitated the one original window. Shown below we replace this 10' x 4' slider with three 3' x 4' single hung windows and two stick framed mullions. Then trimmed inside and out to make them look like a set of wood sash windows.


On our first visit to this house we replaced the front entry stair and enlarged the garage door. We had to work closely with the concrete contractor who replaced the front entry sidewalk stair and widened the drive. The next year we returned and removed the aluminum siding, added a ground contact base board, replaced the damaged shingle siding, and rebuilt the front entry's columns and side walls.

It Is Cheaper to Keep Her

This family needed more room and had been looking at moving for awhile before they asked me what would an addition would cost? They got a seismic retrofit, new siding, two new porches, over a 1000 square feet cut up just the way they wanted it for what moving was going to cost them. Plus they got to keep the old neighborhood, real estate, and moving fees.

More Pictures of Finished projects

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